Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brushes and Rice Paddles and Scorpions, Oh My!

Yeah, late to the party as usual, but I'm here!

The first organizing challenge from Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons was to organize a junk drawer. Now, I had about 15 of these to choose from, and I have to say, this isn't the worst. But the others contain items that I have to discuss with others before I can toss, and I just didn't have the energy to fight with anyone about why we don't need to keep seven rolls of electrical tape in our kitchen drawers.

Sooo... I started with a fairly easy one. (And yes, I purposely softened the pictures so that you can't see all of the accumulated dirt and grime.)

We mostly use this drawer for measuring cups and spoons, but other things have crept in here and multiplied, like magnets and twist ties.

Upon further inspection, after taking everything out of the drawer, I also found some office supplies, a random piece of plastic that had been chewed on, and a scorpion lollipop that I had brought back as a gag gift about three years ago. Ick. That was the first to go in the trash.

A lot of other things went in the trash as well, such as two thirds of the magnets, anything I couldn't identify (like random pieces of chewed-up plastic, tools I never use, and anything relating to the rice cooker that died last year.

The office supplies I put with the rest of their families, and then rounded up the measuring cups and spoons. I actually found the ring for one of the spoon sets, and used one of our millions of twist ties for the other.

I had a little basket that was perfect for corralling the twist ties (which we actually use quite often), and I put the few magnets that were left in the back. There is a lone measuring cup that doesn't go with the rest; it is holding the topper to the syrup bottles we use for snow cones in the summer. We didn't make any last year, though, so that might be going in the trash as well.

I still need some pretty liner paper and one set of the measuring cups has seen better days, but this is definitely better than before. Now I just have to hog tie my family and force them to sort through the rest of the drawers with me. Now that's a challenge!

See you Monday for the next challenge!


Toni said...

Great organizing. Keep up the good work!!

Jen said...

Wow! Your drawer looks good. I'm a bit late to the party, too =)

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic - great job!