Friday, January 14, 2011

Day #10 The Laundry Room

I have to admit, I've gotten a bit behind and a bit sloppy with this challenge and the next (freezer). This week I had three classes at night, so going to those combined with making dinner and doing the regular necessities took up a lot of time.

Oh, and did I mention I just finished cleaning up Christmas stuff yesterday?

So... I did take the time to organize, but it might still need a little cleaning. And I apologize for the horrible pictures. It was at night, I was tired, and I was kinda over it.

Here's what it often looks like when one of the teenagers in the house is "doing laundry." To them, doing laundry is doing one load, leaving it in either the washer or dryer, and then leaving the hamper of the rest of the dirty clothes in the middle of the room. For three days.

The cupboards hold the regular laundry stuff as well as rags for wet dog feet and other nasty cleanups. They're pretty old and ragged, which means I don't feel bad throwing one away after cleaning up vomit off the floor. (Six furries running around people. Six.)

The corner of the laundry room houses the mops and broom, etc. We end up buying replacements for a lot of stuff in our house because we have a dog that is part goat and eats everything in sight.

And more teen clothes, uh, "waiting" for the washer.

Basically I just had to put the brooms back in their wall hangers. I straightened the cupboards and put some of the supplies in other parts of the house. (Heavy duty bathroom cleaner? How about keeping it in one of the bathrooms? Duh.)

I used to have labels like "small rags," "large towels," and "dust masks," but the teens seemed to overlook them even when they are plain as day.

Teen: Which one of the cans do I use?
Me: The one that says Laundry Detergent.
Teen: Which one is that?
Me: The tall one.
Me: (to self: SERIOUSLY??)

(I swear they know how to read, honest. I think it's more a matter of *cough*laziness*cough.*)

So, labels? Yeah, not so much. I just have to put everything in sight so there's no excuse for not dusting the living room. ("You are able to dust. Use one of the dust masks. No, I don't believe that you can't find them.")


The window in the room is frosted and needs to be closed most of the time due to the aforementioned dust, so I decorated it with placemats using one of the Nester's mistreatment ideas, and then hung some vintage hankies below for a more feminine feel.

I was even too lazy last night to fix that hanky in the middle.
At that point of the evening I was all, "Meh. I'll get over it."

It is nice to have it done, though.

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