Friday, January 14, 2011

Day #11 The Freezer

Yeah, I'm still behind, but this freezer challenge got me caught up. Luckily, our freezer doesn't have too much random stuff in it. That's because when you have to feed three teenage boys, you have to have a lot of meat around. I need freezer room to house all the dead carcasses. And boy, does it empty fast!

Looking at this picture, I realize we only have three types of food in here: meat, veggies, and ice cream.

Oh, wait, there's a box of waffles, too.

I put the bags of veggies in the door and moved the meat to the upper shelves. Ice cream pretty much stayed where it was.

I just realized I didn't really "fix" this photo at all. It was late and I had just finished the laundry room. Anyway, how fancy can you dress up a freezer door?

Nothing earth-shatteringly exciting, but still nice to have a bit of order in there. I like the idea of having cute baskets in there, but it's hard to shove a package of 18 frozen pork chops into the size basket that would fit on the shelf.

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