Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day #3: The Tupperware Cabinet

Hoo boy am I late with this one! I chalk it up to an extremely full day of work, commuting, grocery shopping, etc., and a chile relleno fiasco that kept me from finishing this on the day of the actual challenge. [Usual disclaimer: photos have been "softened" so that you can't see all the dirt and grime. Believe me, you can see plenty as it is.]

Would you believe I regularly try to organize this?

I like to blame the problem on the teenage boys whose chore is to put away the dishes from the dishwasher. When video games are calling, it's all about throwing the dishes in cupboards as fast as you can. Sigh.

After taking out the Tupperware, I took out the pots and pans, too, since both shelves needed a good cleaning. (I also took out some remnants of some hundred-year-old contact paper.) Zoe made sure to inspect them for me.

Here's most of the mess. Some odds and ends are on the chairs as well.

I thought I'd try putting the Tupperware on the top shelf. It makes it a bit easier to see and find the right size, and maybe it will seem easier to put away instead of just chucking 'em in there.

That's a big maybe.

One thing that has helped is that I try to keep the lids together with their bottoms. I know it makes for less storage space, but I swear the loose lids had an escape hatch in the bottom of the cupboard and are now running free in the hills behind our house.

[I used to try and corral the Tupperware in baskets according to size, etc., but the boys totally ignored them and threw them everywhere, thus making the baskets just part of the mess.]

This side is now mostly bakeware.

I put all the pot lids in a blue caddy so they're all together. (I think some of them had their eye that escape hatch before I corralled them.)

I know there is still more weeding to do, but at least for the next five minutes it's all organized. The real test will come when the dishwasher is emptied next.


Life in Rehab said...

Great job on all the organizing! What time can you be here?

Shelly said...

Looks great - hey, at least the boys put everything away LOL