Monday, January 10, 2011

Day #6 The Dresser Drawers

For some reason I was totally discombobulated this weekend, and while I did do both Day 6 and 7 challenges, I totally forgot to take pictures of some of the steps.

Anywho, Day 6 was the dresser drawers. I forgot to take before pictures of half of the drawers and after pictures of the other half. And while I won't show you a picture of my underwear drawer, it has one of these "diamond organizer" thingies in it, so my chones stay, for the most part, organized.

Something random that I noticed was that I fold the clothes in my top drawers totally differently than the bottom half. Here are before pictures of my top two drawers without after pictures:

For the most part these stay pretty organized, as it's easy to see what I have. I started folding shirts so I could see all of them at once instead of having to dig through piles, which inevitably led to messy clothes everywhere. These two drawers just needed a bit of tidying up.

And here are the two bottom drawers that I forgot to take before pictures of.

The top one is of my (seldom-used) work-out clothes and shorts, which used to be folded in aforementioned piles. It was quite a mess. I don't know why I didn't think of folding them like my top drawers, but when I did, I ended up with a ton of room!

The bottom pic is of my bottom drawer where I keep odds and ends like work shirts that I only wear twice a year and bathing suits and long-sleeved-lay-around-the-house shirts. It had been folded in piles, too, and I don't know why I didn't re-organize it sooner. Again, I ended up with a lot more room!

I had just sorted through all my clothes about a month before this, in a big end-of-the-year donation, so it's easier to organize with less clothes. Luckily, the vets come once a month to our neighborhood for donations, and I just have to remember to keep weeding out my clothes that they'll pick up right at our door.

This last pic is of the top of the dresser, which has miraculously stayed clean for a while after that donation purge. I think it's a perfect image to represent the dichotomy in our household. My husband's swords (from the mantle, after I mentioned they didn't fit with the decor) and my grandmother's china teacups, which hold my post earrings. Being the only female in a house of men, at times I definitely feel like those tiny teacups next to those huge swords.

Head over to the dresser organization post to get some more great ideas.

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