Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crocheting Just Got Funky

Our weekend was nice, busy. Spring cleaning, maintenance, graduation party. Didn't take any pictures (not that you'd want to any of me scrubbing suspicious carpet stains) so I thought I'd post some images that I've had lying around in my hard drive for awhile.

Just for fun. I think I used to have an outfit like this; my grandma crocheted all kinds of fun stuff for me.

For whenever I get down about being unorganized, a reminder that there is such a thing as too organized.

Some things I've been wanting to make:

Root beer float cake by lazy chef recipes:

A scarf/safety pin summery shirt by ...love Maegan:

This wreath, although I've only made three flowers so far and I'm convinced it will take a bazillion hours:

Some quotes I like. (I can't remember the sources. They're not mine, though, so it doesn't count as plagiarism.)

And this? This just made my day.

Have a good week everyone.

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