Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pink Is Not My Favorite Color

I've never been much for pink. I never decorated with it or wore it, except in small quantities and only in toned-down shades. This is fine considering I live with men whose favorite color is black and would probably vomit at the sight of pink.

Don't feel too bad for "not quite red," though, Steven Tyler is totally in love with it.

I don't usually have a huge aversion to it, except when it takes over my eye and therefore my life for a few crummy days.

Pink eye stink eye fink eye.

Blech. Oh the joy of throwing out a bunch of makeup and sanitizing all my brushes. And washing my hands every two minutes. And dealing with the irritation of desperately wanting to rub the itchiness away.

But now, a week later, things are finally looking up.

Now I can only blame lack of sleep.

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