Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

(I had to take most of these pictures with my crummy camera phone. Click to enlarge and you'll get a better peek into our day.)

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day. We spent it relaxing and barbequing. The boys were supposed to barbeque for Dad, and they had good intentions. They even took a whack at it:

Until more important things like basketball came up.

It's okay, honey, at least the dogs are still hanging out with you. They love you like a dad.

Come time to eat, though, everyone reconvened and dug in. I couldn't even get a picture with them looking at me because they were too busy devouring the delicious carne asada.

I have to watch my fingers at dinner time. Can't get them too close to a teenage boy's mouth or I might draw back missing a few...

Especially when I make monkey bread. (BTW, this is the only thing I've ever made that actually turns out looking like the picture.)

And holy moly is it good. I made it the night before and when I came down in the morning there were exactly three little nuggets left for Ralph on Father's Day.

Sorry about that, honey. Next time I'll make it the same day and then keep it under lock and key or at least hide it in a place where the boys never tread.

Like the laundry room.

As evidenced by their overflowing laundry baskets.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. The animals were pooped from a long week of laying around looking cute, so they joined in the fun, too. If you walk into our house at any given time you will find at least two or three animal carcasses lying in your way:

And getting fur all over the furniture:

That evening, all the critters and people in the family were together in one room, relaxing and watching Animal Planet. (Daisy even barks at the TV now and then when she hears other dogs.) It was great to have everyone together as a family.

Thanks for bringing us all together, honey. It was an honor to celebrate you.

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