Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Battle Plan

This quote from Ann Voskamp really struck me today:

depression isn’t a cut that needs a bandage —  it’s a cancer that needs a battle plan.

So true.  I let it eat at me, encroach on all my thoughts, poison any positivity that might be trying to break through.  It's so hard to fight against it, and even though right now, with all the chaos going on in our lives, it's the perfect time for me to use this crazy life as an excuse, I know that kind of thinking leads down a dangerous path.  I'm going to try to work on pulling myself enough out of the hole to at least peer over the edge and get a glimpse of some of the happy things each day offers.  Even if it's just the tiniest of morsels, like a delicious Christmas cookie or a bit of blue sky peeking through on a cloudy day.  Or a fat dog sleeping on a cushy pillow.

I just want to smoosh that face and kiss it all over.

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