Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn in The Nation

So.  Autumn not only brings cooler temps (thank God), changing foliage, and delicious apple cider, it also ushers in football season.  Actually, there's a plethora of sports being played right now, and sports fans seem to be at their most rabid during the fall.

I myself am not a sports fan, but when our workplace brought back "jersey Fridays" to honor all the sports insanity this time of year, I was happy to participate.  Hey, I love myself some dress up.  The Dodgers are a household favorite of course, but deep down, my family is Raider Nation to the core.  That's fine with me, silver and black are two of my favorite colors, for wardrobe and home decor.

Plus, how could I not like a team whose fans like to dress up as much as I do?

Say what you want; I think Raiders fans are pretty awesome.  

Happy Friday everyone.

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