Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finally a little order

So I couldn't take it anymore and decided to tackle a small part of the mess in our house right now:

Yup, that's a small part of our mess right now... Notice the box of photos and piles of albums that I've been sorting through for Ralph's dad's collage. Then there is one of the boy's shirts that Ralph had just ironed for Friday. (A man who irons?? How could I not be in love?!) There's also a couple of sympathy plants and some birthday gift bags. (Ralph's grandmother gave us both belated birthday presents this past weekend.) Underneath the bags is the Scholastic book box that needs to be returned since we don't want to keep receiving magic kits and I haven't gotten around to canceling the subscription they automatically sign you up for when you buy just one. There's also a CD with oldies songs for the funeral, since Ralph's dad loved those songs, and my purse and lunch bag that I slung over the chair since that's where I usually dump all my junk when I walk in the door. Oh, and on the other chair behind the black shirt, there is a bag from the Dollar Tree with pots so I can replant the sympathy plants. Whew!

I have to admit, I put some stuff in other "waiting" piles around the house, but at least I got the table cleaned off:

Just one of the sympathy plants remains, and Tom, who just loves this table. He also loves the fake bird on the branch of the plant. I don't know if he thought it was real, but he got ahold of it and tore off its tail. I guess after that he realized it was fake and moved on to something else.

R.I.P. little birdie...

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