Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Countdown to 40 ~ 34 Days

Dear Ralph,

Only 34 more days until your 40th birthday. You've become a bit more tolerant in your old age :) As much as people tend to chide you for not particularly liking anyone, upon further inspection people find that you do accept individuals for who they are.

You may not like particular aspects of someone's lifestyle or personality, but that doesn't stop you from treating them decently or with fairness, which is a lot more than many people can say.

While others may put on a phony front to someone's face and then turn around and talk about them behind their back, you are straight with people and give everyone an equal opportunity to form a relationship with you.

I admire your diversity of friendships and your ability to look past the small annoyances and differences and go straight to the heart of a person.


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IE Mommy Blogger said...

New to your blog but totally enjoying it. I love this idea. I may just steal it for my h ubby who will be 41 this year, yikes! Never mind my age, lol...anyway thanks for the fun. I'd love to invite you to swing by my site :)
have a great one!