Friday, July 10, 2009


I finally finished painting the boyz room. I finished the main walls pretty early on, but I put off the additional lettering on the wall for a while. Not that it was hard, I was just worried about messing it up.

Remember when I asked them what color they wanted and they came up with this (after I told them they couldn't use 4 retina-scarring colors in a tiny room)?

God, that is so ugly. It looks like asphalt, which I think is what appealed to those little skate rats. Ralph finally convinced them to go with Dodger blue:

Still not what I would use, but at least I could live with it. It actually came out pretty cool, if somewhat dark. Ralph printed out a huge LA Dodger symbol and I used it as a stencil:

Hey, it's better than the "before" picture of that wall:

Notice all those little pieces of paper on the wall? Those are all from a Warcraft calendar. World of Warcraft is the obsession of the household. Luckily, the boys got tired of putting those pages up the first time around, so I don't think I'll have to worry about them cluttering up the walls with them again. I only put up a few wall decorations other than the LA since it's such a small room and looks pretty cluttered already. I framed some pictures of them skateboarding, after I fiddled around with them in Photoshop. (I couldn't get a good picture of them once they were up on the wall.)

I think they were happy with the compromise, especially when I put up their skater pictures. To show their appreciation, they promptly trashed the place and it was right back to looking like a frat house.

A frat house with cool walls.

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