Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Guess the Clothes Really Do Make the (Wo)man

I was reading this article on MSN this morning about the top ten women's fashion mistakes, and number 2 is wearing solids all the time. While I don't really care what the fashion police say, I do find it interesting that they claim that you are not interesting if you don't wear patterns.

There’s nothing wrong with solids, but a wardrobe full of them is a total snooze. Patterns and print make your outfits—and therefore you—more interesting.

Huh. I didn't realize there was a direct correlation. So all the actresses wearing solid-colored dresses to the Oscars are obviously the most boring people in the world. I'm sure that makes Cher happy. And interesting.

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Anonymous said...

This is really interesting and I dont agree with it at all. I think solids are a wonderful fashion statement and do not say anything about your personality. I would love to see the author of that walk up to someone like Courtney Cox when she is wearing a solid color GUESS gown and tell her because it is solid colors she is a boring person. She would get slapped in the face.