Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Yup, it's that time of year again.

Nothing too much to report as of late.

I've been so exhausted lately with general daily-life stuff that I can barely keep my eyes open. Would you believe that we can't have dinner on weeknights until 8:30 because we aren't all home until then? Crazy!

While I'd really love to sleep the weekend away in order to finally feel caught up, life has a way of continuing on whether we want it to or not.

Saturday we watched Peez in his first official football game. We were lucky enough to find shade under a tree in the grass instead of on the scorching bleachers. Much to the men's disappointment, I know (read: care) absolutely nothing about football, so I spent most of the time watching little kids on the sidelines trying to run through a gauntlet that looked just like this:

Sunday we cleaned up the backyard for an upcoming BBQ, and I'm always amazed how much we get done once we harass the boys into compliance. (I think that's the hardest part of any task, really.)

Since everyone was participating in the yard work, there was a shortage of work gloves. Of course, there were once enough gloves to go around, but somehow they've disappeared. Whether the goat dog ate them or the boys thought hiding them would keep them from having to do any manual labor, I don't know. All I know is that I ended up having to use a mismatched pair of the boys' old mittens to prune some especially prickly bushes.

What made it extra special was that it was 93° yesterday. No record by any means, but it was a tad bit uncomfortable in the hot sun with mittens on.

Other than that, we tried to steal some down time here and there, watching movies and baking cookies. (Yes, in the 93° heat. I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.)

I think butter and sugar is my favorite combo ever.

I also came across a funny blog called Graph Jam and loved the graph below. On one of our weekend movie nights, we had rented Clash of the Titans, which all the males in the house were excited to see. I ended up being the only one who liked it (although mainly because I had such low expectations). And I do have to say, my favorite part was when Liam Neeson said, "Release the Kraken!"

Have a great week.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

I'm going to have to add "Release the Kraken" to my list of all time favorite movie quotes!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

We just watched that Saturday night, and I too had low expectations, so I wasn't disappointed. Although I spent half of the movie covering my eyes. Enough with the pulling off body parts already - we get the point.

By the way, those mittens are awesome. And I'd love to know your harassment techniques for child yard work compliance...inspire me.