Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday ~ September

Last week Crayl listed ten things she's thankful for about September, and I thought I'd follow in her footsteps.

1. Change.
September signifies the end of summer and a move towards cooler months. I love that it begins a whole new season. To me it's the most dramatic change in the year.

2. Aaron's birthday
He'll be 19 this year. I met him when he was a mere 15. He's my oldest stepson and an amazing young man. He is a great role model to his two younger brothers and he has a kind, sweet spirit that just makes you feel immediately comfortable around him.

3. Football season
Not because I like it per say. I like the fact that the season starts because it's Ralph's and the boys' favorite sport, and it makes them so happy to watch it and/or play it.

Side note: All of the men in the house have been rabid Raiders fans since early childhood. One of Ralph's friends was making a joke recently about how much he hates "La Traitors" as he calls them. Another one of Ralph's friends looks at him and says, "You know Raiders fans stab people, right?"

In honor of such people, I give you this:

4. The weather
It will finally start to cool down. Not until the very end, but I'll still weep with joy when it happens.

5. Back to School
The boys, of course, don't share my feeling on this. But I am happy that they are in school and not laying around the house playing video games for 14 hours a day (or whining that they're not allowed to play video games for 14 hours a day). Or beating the crud out of each other. Or all the other summer activities they loved to do.

6. Soup
Yes, soup. Other than ice cream, it's my favorite food. And it's a bit hard to eat when the temps soar above 100°.

7. The changing colors of the leaves
We don't have a whole lot of that out here in the desert, but when I do see a little peek of color, it makes me so happy.

8. It's a reminder that the holiday season has almost begun!

9. Survivor starts another season!

10. I get to see everyone's fall decor around blogland!

Head over to Beyond Black and White to see more Septembery thankfulness.

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