Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

How cool is this?! It goes so well with my header this month!

Found here

1. I am very thankful that we took our car in to get a oil change when we did. Our mechanic informed us we needed new tires asap. Specifically, "You need to get new tires either today or tomorrow." He knows how far we have to drive each day. He looks out for us. That's why:

2. I am thankful for an awesome mechanic.

3. After a horrible train wreck of a homework session earlier this week, the rest of the week has gone, if not smoothly, at least tolerably. (I suspect that tolerably isn't really an adverb.)

4. Halloween candy! (But NOT candy corns. Not a fan.)

5. Animals in costume. (I'm sure the animals aren't that excited. I know ours aren't.)

(images found at costume dogs)

6. The weather is awesome right now. Drizzly. No one else likes it, as people in So Cal think they will melt if water from the sky touches them.

7. Albertson's clam chowder. Oh yum.

8. Jeggings. Just discovered them. Stupid name, awesome piece of clothing. So comfortable. And they look like real jeans, not leggings that are painted to look like real jeans.

(I bought mine at Forever 21)

9. Getting back in touch with my friend Molly. Among other amazing qualities, she loved to dress up as much as I did. I could always count on her to dress up for Halloween, crazy hair day, spirit days in high school, etc. I'm so thankful that I always had another person to be humiliated with.

(That's a dog bone in my hair. I can't remember what spirit day this was; sad that I can't tell by how we're dressed. I think it was something that wasn't very politically correct.)

The fact that tomorrow's Friday.

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