Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Musings

Once again, our birthday pictures have a majority of shirtless people in them. I kind of wish Peez was shirtless in this one, only because that way you wouldn't see how dirty his shirt is...

Scary, we now have every child in the house in their teens. Heaven help me.

Fun to watch: Peez working in a restaurant as part of a football fundraiser. I love that they made him clean the restrooms. Is that mean of me?

So sweet: Watching snarly teenagers show such patience with their younger brothers. (I had even better pictures on my cell phone, but I'm not adept enough to figure out how to put those on the computer....)

I love that he picked a bench to sit on that would fit just the two of them.

Not so sweet: A woman paying for a $1.50 tamale at the snack bar with a hundred dollar bill. There was much scrambling to find enough change for her, which of course made the line grow quite large and stress out the poor snack bar lady even more. I guess I've never understood the allure of paying for something in hundreds...

Made me laugh:

Unfortunately, I've had this on my computer for a while and I completely forgot where I found it :-(

Have a great week.

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