Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just random thoughts careening over the gravelly pathways in my brain today:

• We have a Pomeranian. Poms have notoriously-bad teeth problems. She has teeth going every which way. An orthodontist's dream. Trying to brush her teeth is a nightmare.

• Ralph is the one who told me about Poms and their teeth. He seriously knows everything about every animal on this planet. Without pause, he's able answer our questions like, "Why do lizards do push ups?" and "What animal has two thumbs?"

• I love watching animal/nature shows with Ralph.

• I'm glad I was around for the one and only (sniff) season of My So-Called Life. Having this guy in every episode didn't hurt:

(Here's what made me think of MSCL today.)

• There are three paychecks 'til Christmas.

• $500,000 is half of what you'd normally pay for a house in Tokyo. This is a cool idea but still way out of my price range (and capabilities, natch):

• Teenage boys' socks can overpower any other smell in the universe, especially in small, enclosed spaces like cars and laundry rooms.

• Fall in the desert means temps are still around 85°. It also means that the temps can fluctuate up to 40° in either direction on any given day. My body has a hard time keeping up with regulating my body temperature on these days. So does my wardrobe.

• The Hunger Games trilogy is seriously awesome and I'm depressed that I've read them all now and don't have another one to look forward to.

• I think I love to read more than anything else.

Happy Hump Day.

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