Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Thanksgiving Addition

Ahh, the holidays. Everywhere people are talking about the season of gratitude and being thankful for every blessing. It's truly inspiring to read so many blogs that discuss the importance, nay, the necessity of having an attitude of gratitude.

And then I step out the front door.

Into a world where everyone is so stressed out that they are driving like complete idiots and practically foaming at the mouth in the retail stores.

The thing about that is, we (okay, I) choose to let it get to me. I hated admitting that.

This time of year doesn't bring out the best in me, either. So what better time to practice being thankful? It's so easy to be thankful when things are going great, but we are supposed to be thankful in all circumstances. Hard, huh? Please tell me it's not just me.

Today, I'm choosing to be grateful for things that have helped me stay safe and sane (so far) this season.

I am thankful that I came across this blog post by Mary Southerland today. She discusses the issue of the stress of the season, complete with Sandpaper People. I think she hits the nail right on the head.

I am thankful that I also came across this post by MckMama, wherein she discusses how we can choose to look at our situations in one of two ways, "Either as atrocious experiences or as adventures." Well put.

I am thankful that, even with the craziness of the season, Ralph and I have done our daily 120-mile commute without incident. Believe me, that's saying a LOT.

I am thankful that so far I've only had a small cold in terms of illness, and Ralph and the boys are healthy as horses. A blessing indeed!


I am thankful that the boys are off from school for the entire week so that I don't have the added insanity of homework each night. Suh-weet!

I am thankful that Ralph is AWESOME at researching and finding gifts online, which makes giftgiving exponentially easier. (Maybe just for me.)

I am thankful that Ralph's aunt just e-mailed and asked if I could bring yams for Thanksgiving dinner and I happen to have a few boxes* of sweet potatoes** needing to be used up since apparently the men in my house hate them.

*Is it bad that I only make stuff that comes in a box?
**Those are the same thing as yams, right?
A chef I am not.


I am thankful that I don't have the burden (I know, some of you love to do it and don't see it as a burden) of hosting Thanksgiving at my house because I tend to either under cook things or burn them to a crisp, and then cry about it. I'm sure all of Ralph's family is thankful that I don't offer to host either, as they aren't particularly fond of food poisoning.

I'm thankful for the extra day off on Friday. Many people don't have that option, especially retailers. (Did you know Black Friday starts on Thursday evening now? Many stores are opening at 10 PM. Pretty soon we're going to forgo the meal altogether...)

And of course, I am thankful I'm not a turkey.


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