Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #13 and #15 ~ The Medicine Cabinet and Medicine

I combined these two since I had already organized most of our medicine previously and I had only a little bit of cleanup in the medicine cabinet. Kill two birds with one stone and all.

We have three medicine cabinets in the house, and I just organized the boys' a little while ago. Ours in the master bathroom just needed wiping down, so I did that and then tackled the one in the downstairs bathroom:

Why is there masking tape in there?

We don't use this one a whole lot; it's more for things that we just need once in a while. That's probably why there so many expired products in there. I threw out expired cough syrup, pink-eye drops, and some band-aids that had all but turned to dust. [I also found a Gerber forehead thermometer that I never realized was in there. I've never seen it, and assuming it was only used when the boys were really small, it's been there for at least 10 years. Hey, my mom's medicine cabinet still had diaper rash cream even after my brother and I had already started college.]

I just straightened up everything else, making sure the labels were turned towards the front so the boys know what everything is for, and corralled loose nail clippers and scissors.

The everyday stuff like lactose pills, pain relievers, and vitamins we keep in one of the kitchen cupboards. (All of these we take with food, so it only makes sense). I had just recently thrown out all the old boxes and put stuff in a basket that's easy to pull down and sort through:

I write the "name brand" on certain things for the boys because Tylenol® is much easier to read/pronounce/remember than acetaminophen.

I was happy to be able to knock out two challenges in one shot!

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